The Day the Bulb Blew Out

Headed over to Earth-1 today and ended up catching at least some of the old 8mm films. Unfortunately after going through about 6 of them, the 60 year old bulb finally blew. Figures, I just recently marveled to myself about how long this thing lasted the last time I played around with it a few weeks ago. It had the original bulb in there still and seeing as the earliest films date to the early 1960s the bulb has to be at least 57 years old! They don’t build them like that anymore! 2020 just keeps on rolling. Guess I might try to search the net to see if I can find a replacement but it’ll be hard and I’ve no intention of spending a lot. The important thing is that the rest of the tapes were found in the basement of all places. One thing I did notice while watching what I could, was me as a kid, and my grandparents (which made me well up a bit) but especially the fact that looking at the backgrounds everything was all dilapidated and run down.

It made me realize that we really didn’t have much, but that we were happy.