Cat Catches Bluejay

So far today I’ve seen a hawk in the back yard hanging out in a tree, Carson and I watching a cat right out front take down a blue jay and carry it off in it’s mouth (strangely Carson watched intently but didn’t spaz even though they were right in front of his face!), and tried to fill up air in my car’s tires but the machine I go to is currently out of order. Maybe I can find another one later today if I feel like exploring a bit (but probably not).

Did a fire out on the patio this afternoon- was jonesin to try out this new wood that I purchased. I did order a new steel poker though because the one that came with the pit kind of broke (the handle came off and broke in two), so this’ll be a nice upgrade as I got a decently built one that should last forever. I also recently updated the firmware on the home cams so I needed to reset them since 2 of the 3 weren’t displaying but after I went through the setups (essentially resetting them) I got them all up and running again, so that kept me busy for a little while.