Rainy Day

A rainy day in Beacon Hill.

At least just about all the snow is gone. Yesterday was a good day to get some household duties done. I did a bunch of vacuuming but over time it has been appearing to not work as good as it should so I ordered a new vac on Amazon that should arrive on Monday. Got caught up on a bunch of DVR’ed shows like Dateline, 20/20 and SVU. Are we all excited for Stabler’s return? I think everyone nearly lost it when Finn says to Benson about showing up to some event and she wasn’t going to go and he tries to convince her she should because she deserves the honor and ending with the quote “plus you never know who might show up.” As an aside, we’ve been watching 21 Jumpstreet reruns as of late as well. I’d never seen the show before so it’s new to me but LD is reliving the magic. Also watched a movie called “Lars and the Real Girl” about a guy who has a relationship with a fake woman mannequin – yeah, it was weird.

The other day happened to be by a little library in Wellesley and took a book that caught my eye. Dreams by CG Jung. Yes, that Jung. Might be outdated by today’s standards and thoughts but does looked an interesting read, and we all want to know what are dreams are all about, right? Anyways, it appears to be a collection of a bunch of papers he wrote on what dreams might mean. Actually I can’t really get into it after reading a few pages. Just not doing it for me. Seems really big on associations which I guess isn’t so much a thing nowadays. Plus, alchemy?

Gametime: Mahjong Single. The thing I like about this one is the selection of different board layouts. Still plowing away at Tanmatsuban. I got through about 28 levels so far but now it’s getting a bit too difficult foe me.