My Car Can Understand Conversation

Finally went ahead and started using my car’s voice commands. This isn’t through the phone, the car actually has built in voice recognition but I never enabled it until today. However, while I was messing around with that, I had the idea to use my Sirius App through the Bluetooth to be able to listen to all the many more channels that the app has as opposed to get the radio stuff that I have. It works! I suppose I could use Spotify in the same way but I haven’t tried that yet. Anyways, back to the voice thing – I was unaware that I could actually make dinner reservations and typing emails through the system with voice dictation, and again, this is not using Google. So that’s pretty cool. Might be cool to dictate text messages replies without having to pick up the phone. Not sure I would ever use it in that way, mostly just things like “Call Ladydoc Mobile” instead of the just hitting the hotkey on the panel as I have it now but still kind of fun to play around with.

I’m stuck on Level 17 of that Headlong Hunt game I posted the other day and it’s driving me bananas! I could skip ahead but what’s the fun in that?

I’m taking my mom to get her stiches out tomorrow. She seems to be doing pretty well so that’s a relief, but still lacking a little bit of function, which I suppose is natural but maybe these Carpel Tunnel kind of operations aren’t all they’re made out to be. Anyways I spent the day with her today and it was a hot one.

Finally we do see the little bunny Shiloh now and then hopping around the yard, even if there’s a chance that he went to town on the phlox plantings in the new rock garden area. (At least we assume it’s Shiloh although who really knows). Hey, he’s a growing boy and needs his nutrients! Still cute and not fully grown yet, but we’re happy to see him happy and doing well.