That Bitch Elsa Swings Through

I was getting a bit concerned with the drain out back to the cellar as the stairwell that surrounds it was beginning to retain water as it couldn’t keep up with the rainfall and we don’t need a flooded cellar. We put on some dehumidifiers just in case, and I watched it over time. I even bailed out some water with a pail earlier but not sure if it helped at all. It all ended up flooding anyways as the day wore on. I must have wetvacced to pump out the cellar 5000 times but I got it somewhat dry. Moving forward, just going to rip out the carpets – done with this crap. Fortunately most things down there appear fine, it’s really just the floor. Almost every bone in my body hurts a little but I got a lot done and what a way to gain over 400 active zone minutes according to my Fitbit!

Hopefully my mom’s cellar at Earth-1 will be ok, it tends to flood a bunch, even with the sump pump. Hers is an unfinished basement but there’s a tendency for pilot lights to go out and if that happens I’ll need to head over there and relight them. Update: I have to go over and relight afterall. Also I forgot to mention that they are starting to dismantle the house next door to her. Apparently the roof finally came off yesterday. They seem to be doing it with a crew of people rather than a wrecking ball, starting from the top and working down to the ground,