Happy Hosta Happenings and Other Things

Visiting the Boston Seaport

A bunch of little small updates for y’all. I was jonesin for some new content to put up so I was going through my archives and found this picture I took from the seaport back in 2019 so I put that up today. Must have made some buzz because it became featured on Fox25 News’ Insta , so that made me surprised but happy.

In the early afternoon we took a ride out to this Hosta farm that we saw advertised a couple of months ago but finally decided to take a ride down to Mendon and check it out. They’re only open a few select Saturdays of the summer. Amazing selection of Hostas species and daylilies varieties and also a lot of Lotus. Pretty cool place actually. LD ended up getting two Hostas, two lilies and a cone flower, all of which we’ll be planting in the yard later this afternoon, along with some other potted beauties that we’ve had on the patio for a few weeks now.

The other day I swung by Earth-1. The house next door is completely gone now, and there’s a guy there with a small backhoe just picking up all the debris so that the foundation guys can come in and do their work. It’s weird, if you didn’t know it from before it would seem like the house that was there never existed. I do feel all this condo development is destroying the old neighborhood. Just doesn’t look or feel the same anymore, losing character, Kinda sad.

I while back I mentioned how my old ass Kindle died and I was considering tinkering with it and maybe replacing it’s battery but I’ve since did probably what most people do and just downloaded the Kindle app to my phone. Now all the books that I purchased on that old Kindle are available on my phone for rereading. It might be fun just to try to explore the innards of that old Kindle anyway just for my own hobby knowledge.

The cargo net for my truck finally arrived today. I installed that as soon as it came. I’m pleased with it and I think it will come in quite handy for my needs. I also bought a USB-C back up drive to backup all the photos from my laptop. Seemed like a good idea to have another place for backups besides just the cloud. I was amazed at how tiny the device itself actually is. 500Gb capacity. You could put it on a keychain although I never would. One of the old dehumidifiers in the basement finally died. It was quite a workhorse getting through various floods and powering through for days but it appears to have finally met it’s end. Not that they are still needed as this point but for the future it probably is time to get a new one. I tried finagling with it for a bit and I was able to get a couple more hours out of it but then it would just die again. Time to put it to rest. The other one we have down there is still cranking anyway, although like I said, I can probably shut those down at this point.

We still can hear that baby hawk squawking outside all day. Is it ever going to get the message? You would think the thing would have a sore throat by now. I don’t think it’s starving though because when I saw it the other day it looked quite healthy and was flying into the trees really well. I did see some white fur in the driveway as I was mowing the lawn yesterday as if from a smaller animal. Not saying it was from him but who knows.

Been using the grill a bit the past few days. Cod last night and steak tips tonight!

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