Just One Memory

Imagine if you will your afterlife. You are taken to a halfway house, and then you are told that you have three days, no more and no less, to take one memory with you as your only memory for your entire afterlife. What would you pick? It is a tough question. I have lots of good memories. But I could only take one. Which would it be? It’s odd, I’m trying to think of some right now and I’m finding it so difficult. I can’t pick just one probably because I’ve been blessed that there have been so many.

It’s always the happy memories we take, haven’t you ever noticed? What does that say about us? Seems like its easier to state the memories you would never want to take with you. I’ve got a bunch of those too, yet those stick out in my mind much more clearly and defined. I have no trouble remembering what those would be and would love to forget. So I am choosing not to take those with me and am leaving those behind. I have no use for them, even though they helped me to see what the good ones are.

Would it be the time I made my Mom so happy and proud, the look and emotion on her face? Would it be a pivotal moment from my childhood? Would it be a memory that taught me a lot about learning and helped discover and make me who I am? Or a time I faced adversity and won? Could it very possibly be seeing the happy smile on the face of my partner? Our memories make us up to who we are, how can I pick just one? One thing I do know is that it has got to be one that made a difference to someone, more than just myself.

What would you choose?