Everyday I’m Shovellin’

After two days of shovelling, I’m a little beat. Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff here and this morning very early I got up and headed over to Earth-1 and took care of some of the stuff over there, which was a bit tougher to deal with, both by being in the city and the fact that some of it had hardened up somewhat. But it’s all done, both have been taken care of, and everyone is happy. Sure my back and the shoulders are a little sore, but it’s good for the soul, right? I’ve been relaxing on my heating pad to help with my minor complaints.

Here’s a pic of me looking all mischievous from this afternoon while waiting to pick LD up from the salon. Well, I might look all mischievous but to be honest I just ended up doing a bunch of crossword puzzles while I patiently waited.

After spending most of the week cooking up meals, tonight I decided to order a pizza for take out. I’ve been jonesin for some lately and I figured it would be a little treat for myself.