Don’t Tell Me It’s My Fault When It’s Yours

Boston Seaport

It was a good thing I spent the morning after my shift down at Earth-1 running the normal errands. I got a notice from my dental insurance in the mail, and it said it didn’t cover anything. And the reason was that they were billing my old insurance, despite the fact that I had given the new receptionist all of my new information when I went down there in January. Since I was in the area, I decided to swing by and have this corrected in person. When I showed her the information again, she claimed they will redo it and fix the issues. Then she had the audacity to tell me that the next time I should let them know that my insurance had been changed. I told her I did tell them, in fact, it was her that I gave my new card to and she typed stuff in at the time, or so I thought. Don’t make it look like I messed up when it was you who screwed up, I thought to myself. She said maybe it was a miscommunication (ok?) and I left it at that. Just as long as it’s all correct and that I’m being covered properly.

My auto manufacturer also sent me a notification in the mail regarding a problem with my particular model of vehicle. Basically, the wrong size battery could be installed when being replaced, so simply apply the sticker they supplied me to the battery holder to ensure that anyone changing the battery does not use one that is too small to fit the housing properly. That’s not a huge deal.

I also received a slew of emails advising me that I should enroll in some cyber-security training. I’m not sure if it’s truly required for my job, but I assume it is. Also not a big deal, but I’d say 99 percent of the mail I get in that inbox is spam or phishing, or a message telling me not to address the message because it’s spam or phishing attempts. Other employees, I suppose, just click on those things all the time, despite the fact that even a cursory glance at the message indicates that it isn’t legitimate. I’ll take it anyway, supposed to only make half and hour.

As for shows I’ve been watching lately, it’s been all the usual. L&O’s (I’m willing the give the new one a little time to establish although it hasn’t wowed me), Forensic Files 2, Secrets of Playboy, 20/20, 48 Hours, Dateline (hmmm, do you see a pattern?) On the subject of Dateline, I’ve been watching The Thing About Pam, although I’m not sure why they chose to make it so campy. I believe it would have been much better if it had been done more seriously, like the Dateline episode on which it is based.