Been Making New Additions

There hasn’t been too much updating lately partly because it’s been busy here getting a new bathroom put in the basement/man cave part of the house(!) Also been working on getting the new appliances for the kitchen finally and working on some upcoming tasks for a major party blowout coming up. More updates on these exciting subjects as the month of September rolls on through.

We did find some time this afternoon to spend a little bit of time at the beach. Although the water was a little bit chilly it wasn’t too bad once you were in. Unfortunely we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked because these annoying flies kept trying to bite our legs, even though we doused in bug spray, the little bastards! I got a bunch of little itches on me but thankfully the itch is starting to fade away on them already, but it was really annoying trying to deal with it there.

For dinner tonight a cooked up some Burundi along with some lemon infused potatoes and side of Greek salad. Now that’s not something I make/eat everyday!