Some YouTubers I Follow

Thought it would be interesting to let you know some Youtubers that I watch regularly to get a sense of my tastes. So without further ado, here we go:

  • Britec09 – Little tidbits about Windows tips and tricks.
  • ChrisTitusTech – This one is really technical and lots of Linux information.
  • ComicTropes – really good channel. I don’t collect comics anymore but I still have a love for them. Very entertaining and informative.
  • JamieMarsland – really good tips and learning tools to get the most out of WordPress.
  • LonTV – this Youtuber does a lot of reviews and I also find him quite informative.
  • PowerCertAnimatedVideos – if you ever wondered about IT these videos explain them pretty well.
  • RickBeato – the man. He really knows music and has given me much appreciation about the craft.
  • TechsYouCantLiveWithout – a variety of videos showcasing the coolest products on the planet and ranked so you can pick the best.
  • TheReportoftheWeek – ReviewBrah is the man, keeping us up to date on the best fast food items.
  • The Art of Guitar – cool channel about music. For some reason the guy reminds me a little of John Cusack.
  • And finally for now, ThioJoe – more computer knowledge mostly.

You might be beginning to see a pattern here. Hmmm. Music, Computers, Fast food reviews. Maybe I should diversify a bit. Comment by clicking on this post if you have any Youtubers you follow that you think I might be interested in!