Winterization on Tap

All right! The dishwasher is finally installed! It’s all done now, the new appliances are in, the floor is in, everything looks great. I spent some time today with the electrician to make sure the washer is up and running, The guy we use is really good. It’s important to get folks you can trust and are reliable. Especially when it comes to house things and such of that nature,

Earlier in the day I had a chance to finally install the remaining storm door for the side so we are all ready for the colder weather now. I also installed the reflector light poles in the front lawn for when plowing occurs. Hopefully that won’t be for a while and we don’t have to much of that but I figured since I was pulling out all the winter tools I might as well go ahead and get those in. I still need to hang some lights in the sunroom that drape down over the doors and give it a warm glow. The ones we had up for the last couple of years finally died so we got new ones that I haven’t had a chance to get up there yet. Soon though!

I had to forethought to pull in whatever plants I wanted to to keep alive over the winter last night as it got pretty frosty. Big change from the 70 degree temperatures we were teased with over the weekend, I even got out all my winter gear as I needed it today.

I’m currently on Stage 144 of that Pill Escape game I mentioned the other day, the sliding puzzle game. I plan to get through all 147 stages. It’s my mission.

Tonight I decided to make a shrimp and orzo dish.