My First Stress Eating Experience

We had a wonderful time last night. LD had made a variety of home-cooked dishes, including meatballs, the “lacy” chicken, roasted veggies, pasta, cookies, and even brownies, in advance of our guests. We had a problem where some of the meatballs and sauce that were being refrigerated started seeping out onto various drawers and things while the cookies were baking, so we had to remove any item that got touched as well as a lot of drawers and shelves and had to wash them down and clean them. It took a little bit of time but any crises were thankfully averted as the cookies balking in the oven at the time didn’t burn.

I think I was feeling a little worried out about the whole situation since there seemed to be too much going on. I discover that I struggle under those circumstances. I suppose I prefer to have control over things and like to act in a measured, linear manner. I don’t seem to do well with a lot of spontaneous things happening all it once, it stresses me out. Even worse, I was reportedly stress eating, which is something I don’t recall ever doing. or at least not to my knowledge or ever noticed before. Go figure!

But because of how exceptional our visitors were, all the worrying and worrying-about was in vain. Although I had some concerns about our visitor’s son, let’s just say that I thought he might be a bit ‘boisterous’, he turned out to be a lot of fun and quite lovely. We even ended up playing a game of Air Hockey in the game room while his mother was playing Ms. Pacman and he was really good. Overall, it was a beautiful get-together with lots of interesting chat, especially after the son found the iPad and started making music on it to pass the time. Even Carson was intrigued and came out of hiding to watch and listen to him play as he sat on the beanbag lounge (something he’s been taking to do a lot lately), and watched and listened to him play. Oh, I almost forgot, we also fired up the jukebox and played a few tunes as well. Yeah, we can be pretty retro nostalgic here!

Needless to say we have quite a few leftovers to eat!

Today’s image is a beach shot from the other day when it was 70 degrees F outside and we decided to hit the beach for a few.