The Calm Before the Storm?


The impending storm might leave you without power this Christmas. Eversource is warning that 70,000 Massachusetts electric customers could lose power for two days or longer due to damaging winds, heavy rain, and downed tree branches. They were so worried about not having enough staff on deck to deal with a high-impact storm that they canceled all employee vacations. So while it looks like Eversource will have the necessary staff, just to be safe, make sure to charge up your devices ahead of time. I’ll be sure to have everything ready to go just in case. This town has it’s own power company so we’ll see how they do.

You should be getting this year’s holiday card from us if we know you personally and you’ve been good this year. I know a bunch of people got theirs already, which is pretty good since we booked to get them all done and out on last Saturday. I don’t know about you, but I think in general the mail has been a bit on the slower side than it used to be.

LD got an air purifier and I set it up yesterday and I’m finding it to actually be a pretty neat device.

We are having some friends over for a firepit outing this afternoon, the last of the year most likely. Update: Well, we didn’t fire pit but we had a great time! Carson even came out and played with our guests, which is saying a lot for him!