Check In but You Can Never Leave…

Ended up watching some 4 episode documentary crime story on Netflix about the Cecil Hotel in downtown Las Angeles. Stuck right in the middle of the city’s Skid Row district the place had seen better times. A lot of people think the place is cursed, mostly because lots of people have actually died there. The story follows the disappearance of a 21 year old Asian girl who decided to stay there while travelling and never left the hotel. Where did she go? What happened to her? Foul play or something supernatural? It was a pretty good story, although some of the conspiracy theories that came out of it were a little whack, as people were trying to solve the mystery. The truth is actually quite tragic. I would suggest you watch it if you haven’t already and then google the hotel to read all about it’s sordid history and what’s going on there now. Yes, even after all the death, the place still exists!

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