Cooking, Kitchens, and Sore Shoulders

I’m not sure what I did to my shoulder, but last night I noticed it beginning to hurt a little. As I woke up this morning, it was difficult for me to get comfortable in the bed because it kept slightly bothering me. I’m hoping that moving around today will help it return to some degree of normality, but I believe that what it truly needs is a really good rub. However, my massage therapist is already booked for the near future, so I guess I’ll just have to put up with it. I was able to complete some yard work yesterday before it got cool and cloudy, mostly bagging up leaves from the patio areas. Could this be the reason why I hurt my shoulder a little bit? Maybe so.

Moreover, work has begun on the kitchen’s renovation. The process is proceeding quickly in that direction. We went out in the rain to a local place that deals with kitchen cabinets and things of that nature to get a feel for what we’ll be looking at, getting the concepts organized and choosing specific items, such as new cabinets, etc. To be honest, we think it truly needs an update and that it will look fantastic once it is finished. More to come as that gets going.

Speaking of kitchen things and all I had been keeping my eye on a new non-stick oven safe pan, so we simply got one. Some of the recipes I prepare state that I would benefit greatly from a pan that is also oven safe. The nonstick cookware we now have is fantastic, but it’s not intended to be used in the oven, so I’m forced to use a cast iron skillet, which is typically OK but is not nonstick, making cleanup a bit of a pain. Cast iron skillets are also a little weird to me, even with the correct maintenance. This Ninja design, in my opinion, will be effective. Plus it’s a little smaller than what I’m currently using so I imagine it will be a bit lighter to handle. The one I use now is a little on the heavy side.