Monday and Old Memories of a Past Long Ago

I updated the iPad to iPad OS 16.4, I must say I’m rather pleased how this site looks on an iPad tablet, it’s probably the best look of the bunch – my photos especially come out quite nice. Better than mobile and computer, although on the computer you can see the column of stuff over on the right, whereas on mobile it places it at the bottom of the page (unless you run in desktop mode).

Headed over to Earth-1 today and got a lot of stuff done in the limited amount of time I had there. Although I haven’t yet met them, I also saw that the niece of LD’s friend and her boyfriend have finally moved in next door. What are the odds that they would move right next door to the family home? I mean, how likely is that? It’s a small world but is it really that small!? I guess it may be.

Looks like a bunch of contractors are also starting to demolish the old industrial laundry building around the corner and that abuts the back of our property. Memories. That was the place where I had my first job, a jack of all trades. I would load up the trucks, help deliver in the summer, chat up the girls running the dry cleaning counter across the street and even clean the machines at night. That was the most intense because the irons were hot from running all day and they all needed to be vacuumed to get rid of all the lint buildup to cut down on the chance of a fire. They had a couple of close calls there over the years that I can remember. There was a time there toward the end where I would work the entire day, from 5 am to around 7 or 8 at night. Five nights a week and a half day on Saturday. The job did teach me about hard work though so it was a good experience. It made me appreciate the better things to come later.