Biking the New GLX Community Path Extension

One of the things I had a chance to do today over at Earth-1 was checking out the newly finished GLX bike path extension. I got to say they did a really nice job. The original path literally end right at my mom’s house. Then they extended it a couple of blocks, and it sat that way for years. Finally after a decade or so, the added this pathway that goes all the way down to Lechmere now. It basically runs through Somerville Junction Park, under McGrath Highway, and along the south side of the rail corridor to Cambridge Crossing, following the path of the Green Line tracks. I didn’t follow it all the way to the end but most of it. I must be a little out of shape because I was winded at points! One thing to be aware is that there are a few paths that are kind of hilly, mostly while approaching the new High School and by the Industrial Park. It really is a nice direct route and I can say getting from one end of town to the other by bike would literally take minutes.