Gas Guys Finally Show Up

The gas folks showed up this morning (unannounced, of course) to connect the old gas line to the new one they dug out in the front lawn a few weeks ago. I wish they could have done it while it was warmer, but I believe the most important thing is to have it done as soon as possible. Actually, it wasn’t all that horrible; it was only a couple of hours in the morning, from approximately 9 until around 11:30. The meter is now closer to the front of the home, which works out better than where it was previously, which was down around the side deck, where leaves always accumulated and had to be kept free. Basically, better access and fewer impediments. This should a;; make fall cleanup a bit easier as well. Also the chimney guys are supposed to arrive on Friday to inspect and get a cap on that. Might need some masonry touchup too but we’ll see what comes out of it.

Currently Watching: Quiz Lady on Hulu. Mr. Linguine was my favorite.