Night Time Barn Visits

Our friend from Maine that we hung out with last weekend came down for the day to spend some time with us and to finally Meet Carson. Carson was very engaging, didn’t hide, and I think legitimately had fun with her playing with him and getting all the attention and various gifts like treats, which he devoured happily. We made some pasta and chicken meatballs and side salads while she brought this amazing vegan dessert that she made which didn’t taste vegan to me at all. Like a suped-up peanut butter cup ball wrapped in chocolate. The main visit of the day though was to visit the sanctuary as they were doing a night tour, something they do once or twice a year, where you get to visit the animals in the evening. We also sat by their fire pit while listening to carolers and she got to pick out two stuffed animals from Santa. I also bought a calendar and a car magnet for LD. We’ll need to take her back there someday in the daytime so she can interact with the animals better as they roam around but this was a great introduction. I also got some more compliments on my scarf, people seem to really dig it. I must agree, it is pretty cool. Then we drove her home back to her apartment in Boston and then we came home and eventually fell asleep. All in all a great day!

Currently Reading book #46 of my year: Butts: A Backstory by Heather Radke.