Experiencing the Wonder of the Winter Lights

We went to see the Winter Lights over at the Bradley Estate in Canton last night, with another couple that we know. Before that we had them over for a quick dinner outing. They were impressed with our jukebox and played a bunch of tunes on it! Carson even came out again and didn’t hide even though he doesn’t like the jukebox because it’s pretty loud. After feasting on some nice salmon and roasted veggies that we had prepared and got finished just as they arrived, we chatted and some gifts were exchanged. LD finally got one of those Bibi Pins, and I got some swag as well. Then we were off, it’s actually not too far from us.

You get to go inside the first floor of the house as well and let me tell you, it is beautiful! Wonder what it would be like to live in a place that big, a mansion. Probably would end up misplacing my things and wouldn’t be able to find them. Anyways, after going through some of the rooms, there’s one room with a guy playing the original piano that’s in there, and he was good! He was taking requests and one of our guests requested the Peanuts theme song and he blasted right into it, all the folks in the room at the time loved it including us. He also complemented me on my scarf. I’ve been getting a lot of that lately! In the room you also got to write a wish on a card and strung in up on various tree like structures throughout the room, all in white. Really a beautiful scene. Then you head outdoors and essentially follow a lighted trail that goes through all the various light displays and finding reindeer structures made out of logs along the way. All in all, it was a very fun night.