Covered in a Blanket of Snow

I captured the following photo yesterday afternoon while doing my rounds. Everything was coated with snowy white, which was lovely until later in the day when it began to rain and became slushy and nasty. Then it got chilly and everything iced over, but I was able to grab this great shot in the center of town before all that happened, so I’m happy.

Today I went over to Earth-1; there were several concerns that needed to be addressed, including having the plumber come over and replace a faulty pipe in the basement. These pipes are fairly old, most likely from the early 1940s or before. I mean, the house was built in the mid-1800s, thus nothing in it is standard size, such as door frames. Anyway, they had to cut out a piece of the pipe and install a partial section to solve the problem, so everything is OK again, which pleased my mother, who couldn’t stop worrying.