Highlights for a Saturday in January

What’s been the highlight of your week? This image above was surely one of those. Can you guess where this was taken? I’ll give you a hint – it is in Massachusetts.

This morning I installed the rear wiper on my SUV. Easy peasy. You can find basically how to do anything on YouTube.

I saw a craft online where this person used some beach rocks to make a scene of a lighthouse and a sailboat passing by it. It looked really cool, I think I’m going to try to replicate it. We’ll see how I progress. The first step is obviously getting the rocks the right shape and size and in proportion to the other scene elements. Totally think I can pull it off though.

Note to self: I want to plan an outing back out to KBP in February to maybe check out some of the “Paint the Town Red” events. Maybe start the planning process now. (Yeah, it’s a marketing thing to get people to come there but it’s a cool place and we love it there- plus maybe we can tie in a Boomer visit).

In the early evening we went ahead and made a vegan-ish cheddar broccoli soup. Instead of dairy it uses raw cashews all mashed up. It was actually pretty tasty!