No Respect Teacher Stories

So every now and then, this 5th grade teacher comes and talks to me about what’s going on, and you wouldn’t believe the stories she tells about what the students are up to these days. Actually, the parents are far worse. For example, this story was said to me a few days ago when we were chatting. A father came into the school to talk about his child or something and had to wait in the secretary’s office. I missed this section of the narrative but somehow the secretary (a woman) was not in her office at the time.

This father got the nerve to go into her office, and get on the intercom. He says over the intercom, “School sucks, Celtics rule!” Now, the staff at the school are wondering what the hell was that – they don’t have a male secretary at the office and certainly should not be on the intercom, so they’re understandable freaking out. Plus such a nice message to give out to the students, right? Eventually they catch up to this guy and he says “he couldn’t help himself..” Really? After that incident he got a disinvite from the school so he cannot go in there anymore. Then he gets on social media and says how bad the security is in the school.

She also mentioned that her girlfriend, who used to work at this school but is now in Stoughton, relates the tale of one of her students, a second grader, who literally defaecated on her desk. A second grader!

No respect these days. I don’t know how these teachers do it.