Sure Signs of Spring (Baby Bunnies Born Again!)

I awoke, to my utter surprise this morning, to notice that three baby bunnies had been born in the same old flowerpot that previous generations of buns had been born in, running around the deck, in between the various pots. I suppose we were first alerted to their presence when we realized that Carson never came up to the bed last night. He was watching the bunny action apparently. We put out some carrot strings in the afternoon and by early evening, they were eaten, most likely by the one bunny that is still hanging around, although after today, I would imagine it will be on it’s way to it’s life’s adventure.

Springtime in Boston

Yesterday I spent much of the day over at Earth-1, helping my mom out with various tasks that she needed down. She had a cataract operation last week and is progressing great. Probably going to have the other eye done in a couple of weeks as well. While I was there, one of her cats, Laurel, decided to wear his bowtie. I wish I could Carson to wear one but there’s no way that’s going to happen at this stage in the game.