Black Friday

Making a new friend.

Started the day off by driving to my mom’s this morning. She had to bring one of her cats in for a nail trim, and her cats are rather large and heavy, so I obliged to help her take them. That went pretty well and quick, although while I was there I saw a little dog patient who looked like he broke his leg. I could actually see his bone poking out through the skin. Gross! Hopefully he’ll get fixed up real quick – poor thing.

We had a great day yesterday. We cooked for my mom and sister and I think they had fun. I had a pretty good time, talking, eating, playing the man cave games, etc.

This afternoon we were meeting a friend and her kids at the sanctuary and then out for lunch to celebrate her belated birthday. That was also a lot of fun, I think the kids really enjoyed it and as you can see from above, I made a new friend! I even went ahead and picked up a chicken on my own and handed it around to them. Might not sound like much, but this city boy has gotten a little more country apparently. They actually like to be held and you can feel their little hearts beating when you do. It’s a pretty wild feeling.

In other news, I’ve started to create a jukebox database finally to keep track of all the records we have, whether they are in rotation, and the condition of each disc. Something I should have done long ago, of course as usual the data entry is the worst part, but it’s got to be done!