Through the Fog

One half of Thatcher Light through the fog.

You never realized how thick your fog was until it lifted.

More updates later! Some of the things I’m going to try to get done today: cleaning, setting up LD’s new computer (done!), getting some fresh air somewhere (done!), making a bruschetta chicken dish for dinner (done!), doing some planting/gardening (done!) and maybe watching one of the following movies that we currently have on the DVR (American Graffiti, Donnie Brasco, Shazam!, The Recruit, The Lonely Bones, Along Came Polly).

The story behind the photo: Tooling around Rockport one morning and exploring different areas I had never been to before we happened upon this one outcrop somewhere along the shoreline of the town (Loblolly Point – a little hidden treasure of a location) with a trail that I decided to get out and follow and see what there was to see. I think we were actually trying to look for some birds at the time, like a heron or something. After climbing over some rocks which you can see in the foreground I happened to look out and see one of Thatcher’s lights peeking out through the fog and so I thought to myself that this might be cool. It was a clear day but the fog hadn’t lifted yet across the waterway to where the lights are so it was a really striking look I thought.