Motif No. 1 (reprise)

Life’s most precious moments are not all loud or uproarious. Silence and stillness has its own virtues.

The story behind the photo: Taking this one out again, although I did touch it up a little bit more from the original. Did you know that the little red fishing shack at the end of Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts, is the most painted building in the world? Well, it is. I like the way I did this shot, to give it sort of a somber and quiet tone. Truth is it was actually a really nice sunny day when I shot this and I had to wait for folks to get out of the shot as I believe I shot it around one or two in the afternoon. I’d like to put all these shots in a large format book someday, at the very least. At the most in an art gallery – I can dream, right? I might need to have a side hustle and start selling these things – assuming I could get anyone to buy them – not really the best of times right now.

Spent part of the afternoon replacing the glass panes in the doors with their screen counterparts – it’s that time of the year again getting ready for the warmer weather! For dinner tonight going to try the hand at a little dish called Korean Beef Bebimbap. I’m not a big ethnic food eater but I’m willing to give it a try.