It’s a dark place, not knowing. It’s difficult to surrender to. But I guess it’s where we live most of the time. 

Overall, I think I’m a positive person but every now and then I get a bit down, especially lately. The current events of late is giving me a little bit of a time, it evens invades my dreams now. Well, enough about that – try to keep the chin up. This pandemic stuff is getting to be a bit much though.

Did a bunch of stuff outside today – LD did a little planting of various flowers and herbs and vegetables, a lot of mulching around the garden beds around the house and patio area out back, making use of the nice day. Damn, LD and I are going to be sore tomorrow but it’s a good sore – felt good to be outside today.

The story behind the photo: This is another shot from a shoot I did a few years back and posted a different one a few days ago. I’m not sure if the clouds were coming in or if the clouds were going out. Kind of like the mess we’re all in these days. How apropos.