Losing the Greatest Guitarist Really Hurts

This one is hard to take, losing a great like Eddie Van Halen. I listened to him all the while while growing up. I can remember the first time I heard Eruption, we were on a school field trip and some kid let me hear it over his headphones. We were all blown away – nobody had ever heard anything like that. “How did he make his guitar sound like that?” we all wondered in amazement.

Of course we all had every album. And then Dave left and Sammy took the mic in 1986 which was the year I graduated high school and Dreams was a big hit. But everything from Jamie’s Cryin’ to Mean Streets to Hot for Teacher to Top of the World and everything in-between, it was all pure magic.

Strangely I had been listening on Youtube to old Van Halen concerts from the late 70s (Pre record deal and 1st tour) over the last couple of weeks not ever thinking this would happen. I actually cried when I heard the news after getting over the disbelief and learning that his current wife, son, and drummer/brother Alex were all by his side today as the end rolled in.

The guy literally changed rock and how people play guitar. Now they all do what he did, but he was the first. They’ll never be another. Rest in Peace Eddie, and thank you for all the good times you have given me while listening to your music.

This year really sucks.