Eustice, My Twin, in Many Ways

Eustis and me.

Eustice is a lovable black and white goat. When he was very young, he loved to jump on things and that included the horse at his former home. He was severely disciplined by his caretaker. Fearful for him, the wife smuggled Eustice out and gave him to the sanctuary. Free from restrictions, Eustice could be found on top of the barn, sheds and anything else he could find. He is a friendly little fellow and greets me most of the time I visit. I also think we look alike, and he’s really pretty chill. I like to think I’m like that too, most of the time. This is one of my favorite pictures of us together. Sometimes we all need a lighthearted moment or two, especially these days.

The most interesting thing to happen today was that I went down to the barbershop this morning, I hadn’t been since April I think. The old “Number 2 all-around” is what I like to get.