First Day of Spring Activities

We made it!

Saturday to do list:

  • Set up new SmartTv? (not done yet)
  • Search for new cellphone (still ongoing – still trying to find the S20 FE that I want)
  • screens in doors – Finished and only took 10 minutes!
  • gather leaves/clean up garden areas – Done – still need to do “ivy covered” area, was nice to see new plants starting to grow up through the dirt.
  • lop rose bushes out front – still to do, maybe Sunday
  • cellar cleanup/new shelving/spring cleaning – probably next weekend – shelving is all assembled, just need to go through the stuff and clean it out.
  • book getaway for June – done, looks like a lot of a certain lighthouse shots may be in my future! *wink, wink*

Took a hike over at the North River Wildlife Sanctuary in Marshfield, and after that hit the beach for a few – it was so beautiful out! There’s this nice trail there that goes down to the River and has nice wooden observatory area. Took some pix too but have yet to go through them. Anyways, on one of the other trails at the start is this tepee so naturally I had to pose in front of it. Some of the beach shots were even taken by the Ladydoc, so I’m pretty excited to see what she captured, especially after getting down low in the sand!