Cattails Sway Into the Brightness of a Happy Day

Among the Cattails and the Reeds

You know, it isn’t easy for me to delve up great photo content. I’m doing the best I can to have nice photos that I’ve taken adorn this blog. Anyways, today ended up being a lovely day. Slept in a little bit for change but by lunchtime we got a turkey sub and some snacks and headed back down to the beach again to enjoy our lunch with a view. I even got the beach chairs out and we sat on them as we snacked on our lunch, watching the waves and enjoying the sea breezes. Even went for a little walk after along the beach. After that we hung out with one of our couple friends outside on their deck (socially distant of course). It’s so nice to get some socializing time in – it’s been a while, especially for me. By the time we made it back home it was about 6:30, too late for me to do some of the things I had on my to-do list but I figure I’ll try to get to them tomorrow. Instead I cooked up some chicken, with some mixed greens, roasted pecans, sliced apple, and roasted sweet potato and finished the night watching programs recorded on the DVR.