No More Shutdown Worries for Me

Autumn things.

I heard another government shutdown may be looming. I’m so glad I don’t really need to care about that anymore, My previous job did much work for the government but when it shuts down most projects are put on hold and then it would be a stressful scramble to try to find work. And unlike the true government workers who get paid for while they were away for however long when they get back, we did not. It would be on another project, if you could find one, or overhead which would be a big nono because the place nickel and dimed everybody so much. Anyways, it’s just nice to not have to worry anymore about crap like that.

My long sleeve jacket came back from the tailors today and it looks super spiffy with its new accoutrements. In a couple of weeks I’ll need to go back and drop off the short sleeve for the same treatment.

Have you heard of these things called kiwi berries? I just tried some and I really like them. They are like tiny little kiwis but you eat them just as is, peel and all. And they taste really good. I had no idea this thing existed.