People are Weird Sometimes

A weird thing happened today while I was at my job. A woman pulled up to the light and did what appeared to me to be taking my picture on her cell phone. Uhmmm….why? It only took a second. I suppose she could have been looking at her phone for directions but to me it seemed more like she was taking a photo. I normally don’t mind having my picture taken but it just seems a bit unnerving when someone does it who who knows what purpose. Maybe I’m overreacting. It just seemed weird.

Otherwise it was a pretty good day! Fall is definitely in the air, though – bit chilly in the morning. After my shift I went to the reopened gas station which had been closed for renovations and got some gas for the mower as it was empty. I’ll probably do some lawn maintenance tomorrow in between commitments. I also have an appointment to get my windshield repaired tomorrow. Should be a fun day!