Tasks Up to Beat the Sun

Make it a good day!

Today was a good day to get caught up on a bunch of little things, Like going to Home Depot to pick up some dirt, manure, and mulch to get ready for the next season’s garden activities. Also shopped around for some mums and pumpkins at various other places to make the place blend in for fall. We need to dig out the tubers, move some random spruce trees that planted themselves a few years back to other areas, and some various other transplant tasks. Also getting ready for a short road trip soon as well.

I had some of my own tasks to complete, such as finally pulling the AC out of the window, checking the level of propane in the grill (grilling chicken out there tonight as a matter of fact). I finally got around to trying to make some hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot. It was really easy – just stack 6 of them on a rack in there with a cup of water and set it to manual for 5 minutes. When the 5 minutes is up, release the pressure and let it set for another 5 minutes. When that’s down just carefully take them out and put them in a cold water bath for the last five minutes. I did all this and ate two and have to say, it’s the way to go. Easy peasy lemonade squeezy.

The next door neighbors are having some kid party/Patriots thing going on. So annoying! Can I just say I don’t care about the Pats or Brady? Didn’t care anytime before, still don’t care today.

LD got a patio heater that’s due to arrive midweek. I can’t wait to get a look and this thing and start using it as the nights get colder. Might be able to extend our outdoor gatherings a bit longer which would be nice.

I have a meeting tomorrow morning after my 1st shift to go over our emp numbers. Since I just started I don’t think my number is going to mean all that much. I’m also not really sure what a lower number entitles you to, but I’m going to find out.