Heater Activated

I spent the afternoon assembling the patio heater out in the back yard. The directions said it should take an hour or so but it took me a little while longer. Although I was initially hesitant about assembling it after seeing all the various parts and hardwire, once I got down to brass tacks and started working my way through the instructions, it actually wasn’t so bad. All that’s left to do now is attach the propane and give her a test run. I’ll attempt to get that done tomorrow between shifts. The whole thing itself is actually quite tall at around 87.5 inches. Then I went ahead and mowed the back yard, giving me another ~6,000 steps according to my Fitbit, so it’s a bit of a workout.

I went ahead and added two more of my designs over at the shop. One recent, the other a little bit older. Check those out if you are interested.

Anyways it ended up being a rather productive day for myself.

Last night I made a shrimp and white bean sauté and tonight I made some pan roasted cod. On a seafood kick this week.